My Aspirational Pimp/Rapist Is Dead

First spoiler: he didn’t actually rape me. Although a ‘virgin,’ I gave myself to him willingly, as I describe in my book Our Song: a Memoir of Love and Race. Second spoiler: what he did could be considered worse. I met Curtis (a pseudonym) at a teen nightclub after high school ended, and he later pursued me at a summer […]

A Crone Cabin in the Woods … with a Pool?

  sunrise lights mesas river gurgles under ice earth still turns   Another dawn walk, another day, more beauty, more grief, more compassion for the complexities of this life and we who share this numinous earth. Susan J. Tweit, Sarton award-winning author of Bless the Birds   In my late 20’s I developed a strange fantasy about getting old: I […]

My Support Group Hates Me

Just for fun:  Here’s a Contributor’s Note I wrote in a memoir workshop recently.   The assignment was to play with a creative version of what might appear in the back if we were ever to publish a book.

Oh Dude!

Ever fantasize about going to a dude ranch?  Me neither.  So how did I come to find myself standing in line, waiting my turn to have lunch ladled onto my tin home-on-the-range style plate?