Essay/Memoir Pieces

New York Times (Tiny Love Stories)

Tiny Love Stories: I Want a Divorce

Art in the Time of Unbearable Crisis: Women Writers Respond to the Call

Edited by Stephanie Raffelock. Lynda’s essay is “I Wrote My Will Last Night.”

Cultural Daily

The Day I (Almost) Stormed the Capitol

Los Angeles Times (LA Affairs)

A Dreamy Dude on a Dude Ranch


First Place 2017 Mt. San Antonio College Writers Weekend Contest

Sex Is Not Just About Filling Holes – Or Is it?

California State Website

Campout Cooking

Lynda's Favorite Camp Recipes

Education Journal/Newsletter Articles

  • Sexuality Today Newsletter
  • Innovation Abstracts (National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development – University of Texas at Austin)
    • Creating Student Presentation Groups that Work
    • The Power of Appropriate Instructor Self-Disclosure
    • Things I Wish I Had Learned the First Year

Alternative Newspaper Articles

  • The Drummer (Philadelphia)
    • Twenty Years in the Life:  Philadelphia’s Veteran Masseuse
    • In Search of the Feminist Wicca
  • Street Scene (Hollywood)
    • “For Love or Money” ongoing column on sex, drugs and HIV risk reduction

Poetry Journals

  • Herself:  Portrait
    • Hey Lover
    • New Sky Rising
    • Two Hip Poems:  Dudes/Sisters
  • A Voyage Out – The Penn Women’s Literary Magazine (University of Pennsylvania)
    • Marriage in Triplicate