My Aspirational Pimp/Rapist Is Dead

First spoiler: he didn’t actually rape me. Although a ‘virgin,’ I gave myself to him willingly, as I describe in my book Our Song: a Memoir of Love and Race. Second spoiler: what he did could be considered worse. I met Curtis (a pseudonym) at a teen nightclub after high school ended, and he later pursued me at a summer […]

A Spooky Story (Reprint from 2015)

When I got up this morning, there was a pot of hot coffee ready.  That’s all.  End of story. Oh, except for the part about how I live alone.  And I did not make that coffee. Oh, and guess what: It’s Halloween!  O-o-o-o-o-h!  And I just happen to live in The Last House on the Left.  O-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-h!   Coincidence?  I think not. […]

(Re)introducing Me: Wild Child, Wise Woman, Storyteller

A lot has happened since I moved into my crone cabin in the woods. I experienced the one highest-ever 117-degree day of summer heat in Sacramento (along with many other slightly—but only slightly—cooler days; so thank goodness for my trees). I watched the ducks, ducklings, koi, turtles and even a heron swimming, diving and flapping about the property – check […]

A Crone Cabin in the Woods … with a Pool?

  sunrise lights mesas river gurgles under ice earth still turns   Another dawn walk, another day, more beauty, more grief, more compassion for the complexities of this life and we who share this numinous earth. Susan J. Tweit, Sarton award-winning author of Bless the Birds   In my late 20’s I developed a strange fantasy about getting old: I […]