The first lick is the sweetest

Actually, I’m not sure that’s true.  Maybe the sweetest is the second lick, after the flavor has been recognized by the taste buds.  Or it might be the seventh, after the complex intermingling of tastes have seemed to infuse the entire mouth, and the tongue can’t stop itself from reaching for an eighth…

But in this case, I’m using “first lick” as a metaphor for my first blog post.  And first this is, and sweet it is as well.  You who might be reading it don’t know this yet, but I consider myself quite the technophobe.  As I got closer to actually writing the book that this blog relates to, I heard about how, in order to try to sell my book, I really should have a ‘web presence.’  “Web presence?!?” I screeched.  “What the hell is that?!?”  And so friends who write, or who know about social media and marketing, took me back to school.

Oh, the angst, and the tearing of figurative hair (figurative because, as a mature woman,  I know better than to deliberately compromise my own crown of glory.)  But eventually, with the help of friends, I was able to turn the techie part over to the techies, in order to do one of the things that I do best, which is to write.

And so this blog is about topics that interest me, some of which will be found in Licking the Spoon, the book I’m working on.  Licking the Spoon  uses that complex intermingling of the flavors of food and sex in order to explore the mysterious connections between human health, mood, intimacy and relationship.  It includes original recipes, many of them international, paired with erotic scenarios that play with the varied elements of our fears, and our desires.  It follows the stages of relationship from being comfortable with ourselves, to establishing intimacy with a lover, to exploring ecstasy together, through meeting the challenges that love inevitably brings. Reading it has been likened to peeling the layers of an onion, but I think of it more as gently separating the folds of a persimmon, in order to reach the most intense sweetness that resides, as yet untasted, inside.

But enough about the book; I’ll be sharing more about the book as it, and this blog, unfold.  So that you can decide whether you want to continue reading (and I hope you do), here are some of the topics that I’ll be touching upon.  Some may be in the book, and some may not, but all are things that I am interested in, and that in one way or another have brought me to this point.  The short list is in my list of blog topics.  The longer list includes:  mood, food, cooking, diet, recipes, brain chemistry, nutrition, health;  women’s sexuality, male sexuality, eroticism, pleasure, ecstasy, sexual problems, therapies; relationships, communication, emotions, intimacy, commitment, challenges, love; plants, animals, biology, ecosystems, air, water, sustainability, planetary wealth; writing, reading, poetry, articles, novels, social media, words, and ideas.

Before I close, I must give a nod to the song whose title  I borrowed from:  “The First Cut Is the Deepest.”   I just liked the way it sounded in my title, but as I’m thinking about it, it of course conveys that notable sense of ‘firsts.’  In the song, I believe, the first cut  was the beginning of possibly many emotional scars.  In my book and blog, the only ‘cut’ one is likely to find may involve slicing into the fresh fruits and vegetables that are going to feed  the delicate balance between your body and brain, or the psychic surgeries one might perform in order to let go of past wounds and move forward in our ability to experience self-acceptance, intimacy and joy.

I must also thank some of the friends who have supported me in this endeavor:  Biologist and author Susan Tweit, my writing mentor and fellow blogger at Walking Nature Home; sex therapist Vena Blanchard, my close friend, compatriot in mischief, and fellow web wrestler at; and techie Jeramie Jones, who has been called, among other things, Master of Time and Space (but apparently not to his face).  There are many others, and I’m sure their names, or at least their secret identities, will come up in future blogs.  And thanks to you who have just taken the time to read my first post!  Care to follow?

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